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patricia holmes
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patricia holmes
Leonardo DiCaprio, Courteney Cox
177 days ago

i want to get news letters all the time

patricia holmes
Message from Ellen
177 days ago

ellen you are the most wonderful person
that your parents could've ever
know how to take some's life that is so
down bringthe fullest surprises to them
there are really no words to words to describe the person you are. my gran daughter sent you an e-mail about her cat
asking for some ice cream. i told her to e-mail it to
you because you so love cats. i hope you use it in one of your cat segments.
so that is about all i have to say and may god bless you and portia all of your lives.

patricia holmes
Message from Ellen
205 days ago

i love you and your show
you're the greatest.i don't where
you come with your ideas.but they are great
i love your staff that works with you also.
well happy new years to you and portia also

patricia holmes
Message from Ellen
213 days ago

i sign up everyday when you're on.
haven't gotten anything but that does not
stop me from watching your show. my neighbor
to told me it was false. she use to do it and
never won.i won't give up and i won't stop watching your show

patricia holmes
It's Day 8 of 12 Days!
224 days ago

ellen has the biggest heart that i have seen.
if your having a very bad time she knows just
to make you feel happy again.your frown will
turn to pur joy and happiness.
i have never won anything so great in my life.
i would love to win one of her twelve days of xmas
shows. i would finally be able to give my grandchildren
a wonderful xmas for once. even if i didn't win on the twelve
days of xmas i would just love to win anything from her.
so on that note wishing ellen and her staff a merry mery

patricia holmes
Message from Ellen
254 days ago

there is just so that i have to say about your show.
when evr i miss i get so mad at myself.if i'm working
outdoors i stop what i'm doing to watch your show.
i just love shopie and grace. they are about the cutest little girls thay i've evr seen. i love tony also and your crew
they are so great and jeanie is the best. i love when she suprises people. i'm hoping that tony will be coming back.
ellen all i have to say is that i love you. i love when
you have portia on. my mother was going to name me that when
i was born.i would love to have just one small gift from you
or just once win one of your xmas shows.
so i'm gong to say good night and hope you continue to have
a full life as always.
oh one more thing. your mamma is beautiful

patricia holmes
Message from Ellen
254 days ago

i forgot the biggest thing.
your heart is so big noone else could have one like you.
you make a sad person the happiest person in the world

patricia holmes
Super Bowl Show, Portia's Birthday!
545 days ago

today you said you were wondering what to get portia for her
well there was picture of roses.
they were white with a beautiful dark purple on the edge of them.
i know you like them if you seen them.
so as you would say.
please wish portia a most wonderful birthday for me.