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Patricia  Hamil
Name Patricia Hamil
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Hobbies walking, crocheting...learning to use my I phone reading, sewing cooking
About Me I am one of the easiest people on the Planet to get along with......:)
Patricia  Hamil
Ellen Answers Audience Questions
671 days ago

My Comment is regarding Ellen's show that aired September 24, 2012 Monday: I would like Ellen to know what an Inspiration she is to so many Other People.......At the end of that show, you took a moment to speak to a lady with MS..her Name is Nell, and you allowed her to have a photo taken with you as well.......Thank you for that. The Person who "speaks" for Nell, is My Daughter Stacie Giles (she is an RN)......and is Nell's caregiver......I am So Proud of her, and what she does for Nell....You gave Them an Amazing Moment, Ellen Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for that...:)
Sincerely Pat Hamil