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Patricia Haddock
Name Patricia Haddock
Location Holts Summit, Mo.
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Hobbies crocheting,cooking,arts and crafts.
About Me I am 56 years I have 2 sons Timothy and David. My husband Billy. Davids Girlfriend Jessie and 2 lovley little girls Lainey and Madison whom call me grandma, and a new one on the way. Due in April or May. I have 2 dogs Missy 3 yrs and Diva 6 months. I am disable so my time is mostly in the house. I get out some times and not much for I am on 02 and a c-pap machine. I go to the Doctors to. and thats about all.
Patricia Haddock
Ellen Has a Gift for Snooki
562 days ago

I really don't know if my first email got to Ellen or not my granddaughter got to the computor be fore I could get back and she turned it off on me. I was in the middle of tell you about my medical problems and how America Home Patient I pay them 50.00 a month what I can afford because of being on disability I tried to explain to them the insurence should cover it beings my deduction is being met even thought they billed me my deduction within a week how can some one bill someone 1250.00 in one week not I am in fear of looseing myy c-pap and 02 machine and with out these machines I am afraid to go to sleep for I stop breathing while I am a sleep. I have copd, ashma,and this sleep disorder I tried to pay what I can and they wanted 750.00 in order to send me any thing so as it goes it is super glue and hope it works for as long as It can. I would apperciate any help that you may give if any. If not thats ok your still my best talk show host and I will contune to watch your show. ty Pat