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Patricia Dunlevy
Name Patricia Dunlevy
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About Me I am a retired Safety Manager. I worked at the same place of business for 40 years. The company was bought by another company and closed our facility. I was the last person to leave the facility. It was right at the beginning on the recession and very hard to find a job. Watching your show helped me feel better each day. We love what you do people!!!!
Patricia Dunlevy
Ellen's First Ever 'I Was Wrong'
265 days ago

I was at your show on Nov5th and wanted to let you know that all of the people that work for you are very nice but one young lady went out of her way to be extra nice. I think she is just an intern but was very nice. Her name was Ashley Smith. You should hire her. We loved your show and met so many nice people while we were waiting to get in to the show. You are so lucky to be surrounded by such lovely people, they all love you, including us.

Patricia Dunlevy
Julianne Moore, Demi Lovato
296 days ago

I was trying to find the contest about finding Amy, but couldn't.She was behind the chair holding the Walgreens card.