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patricia derobertis
Name patricia derobertis
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Hobbies watching tv & reading when I can h
About Me I'm 59 yrs old and my life sucks.what can go wrong will go wrong.
patricia derobertis
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165 days ago

I need your help I really do this not a joke please ellen i really need you to help with this problem,because all started with e-mails from you please please call me please call 484-679-1969.I'm not joking this is really a big big problem. THANK YOU PATRICIA DEROBERTIS.PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE

patricia derobertis
Message from Ellen -- Week of September 21-25
166 days ago
ELLEN DeGeneres Show. Ellen i'm in really big problem I mean really big.I thought with all the e-mails,i really thought i was the win,so i did what it said to do.I think someone,hack me or part of a very bad scam.I'm in really big trouble I kept doing what the thing said,shop and to add to cart,it kept doing this amazon,best buy,sears,pet rescue,and other my banks,paypal,credit cards and there all calling for there money.I can't believe i was so stupid,now i'm in reallybad i haven't slept,eaten,and I crying for 3 days help me please please call me please it's so back we're talking thousands and thousand.HELP ME PLEASE.I have all the e-mail please call me 484-679-1969 or 484-680-9089 please help me.

patricia derobertis
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221 days ago

Hi Ellen, I hope pick my name,I could sure use the help.anything?

patricia derobertis
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228 days ago

your show today was so funny,best was Kelly ringing bell I laugh so hard I pee my pants!!!!!!!!!!!

patricia derobertis
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229 days ago

yes you email are coming to me

patricia derobertis
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229 days ago

I have been trying to enter the 12 days but it won't let me do it.I want too be one of the winners.please