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Patricia Censoprano
Relief for Sandy
623 days ago

All season long Long Beach NY High School's Varsity Football team has played some awesome football. They have worked hard, played hard and have put forth an impressive season with a 5-2 record. They have made it to the playoffs and for the first time since the 80's they could go all the way. Sandy has washed away their homes, their town, and their school and has stolen their chance to play this weekend in the playoffs. Due to liability issues they can not borrow used equipment from teams that are are not going to the playoffs. They need all new equipment before Saturday to be able to realize their dream and uplift a saturated community. I am asking everyone to please please please post this information on the FB page of every news caster, athlete, professional sports team, anyone you can think of that would understand what it is like to work & strive, through sweat blood and tears to make it to that championship position and become their superhero and save the day - time is of the essence. Long Beach NY Athletes need help ASAP!!!