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Patricia A. Niday
Name Patricia A. Niday
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Hobbies Genealogy Music Painting and drawing
About Me I am self motivated and love the Cemetery I keep in good condition after finding it vandalized 3 yrs ago. I have 5 wonderful children and 7 grandkids. My oldest son died of aids at 29 yrs. But he's with me always. I, my daughter and mother are cancer survivors. I believe life is what we make it and to think is to create.
Patricia A. Niday
Rachel McAdams, Hailee Steinfeld
267 days ago

I'm new at this. I watch Ellen all the time and love her smile and innocent humor. Today there was a post on the left hand bottom of my screen that said, "if you know someone who needs a new car go to" Well I think I'm here but unable to find anything associated with what i saw on TV today. Please help. I do know someone who has a car that's 23 yrs old and she can't afford another car. She's trying to pay off 2 credit card which she only used to help one daughter through college and the other needed a lawyer when going through a nasty divorce. She lives on $903 SS a month and 10,000 in debt helping others, which leaves her 100 to live on a month. Can you please help before her car bites the dust?
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