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Pat Simmons
Name Pat Simmons
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Hobbies love to make baby blankets, read, go to movies, watch your show, go to church.
About Me I live in Florida, have 3 children (2girls 1boy) 1step daughter, 5 grandchildren. Married to the same man for 40 years. We were in the military for 22 years I say we cause where ever he went we went also. Both retired now. I worked for the Navy Exchange for 22 years I enjoyed the work as well as the people I worked for. I have 2 dogs their names are Bella Grace and Gracie Bell both girls. Love to stay busy helps you to stay young. Every Thursday several ladies from our church my husband included and our pastor go to nursing homes and sing songs my husband will sometimes play his guitar. I didn't know him at the time but his band would come to our school (I was in 7th grade) before school started and played. Meet him 5 years later at Pensacola Beach dated 5 months and married. God has truly blessed us, I am not saying we haven't had our ups and downs. I told him one time he was my soul mate he just didn't know it yet. love you Ellen.
Pat Simmons
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229 days ago

Ellen I have watched you grow through the years. I truly enjoy your spirit and your zest for life. Love your sense of humor and your jokes are just as sweet ( no cuss words are used-the jokes are not dirty). I am sure you have had it rough, but u held your head high and stayed the course. I am sure you appreciate life more and we sure do appreciate you. Stay true to yourself, and I want to Thank you for every laugh I laughed watching your show. It's a known fact that people who laugh at themselves or at life live longer. Last but not least Thank you for having compassion for helping people in need, u truly have a BiG heart. Thanks for sharing the love.