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Pat Satran
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Pat Satran
Portia's Birthday Gift for Ellen!
174 days ago

Hi Ellen, Loved Portia's video it is sexy, funny and unexpecting. It must be a blast to be a fly at your house. Many many more birthdays to both of you.

Pat Satran
It's Day 8 of 12 Days!
221 days ago

Hi Ellen, thanks for the opportunity to try to win and all the laughs thru out every year. Your living up to your last name. :)

Pat Satran
Message from Ellen
440 days ago

Funny Mother's Day story - 8:30 - am No call yet for Happy Mother's Day? So I called my son''s house. 4 yr. old grandson answer hello, mommy is in the shower, daddy is in the kitchen, I can hear my son saying Max who is it? He says I have to pee pee, my son says hurry up go, down goes the phone, hello, hello, no answer I hang up. 15 minutes later call back daughter-in-law answers half a sleep, hello happy Mother's Day, I thought you were in the shower? No that was a tape we'er all still sleeping we went to midnight bowling and came home late. Max had the phone on taping when he picked up a call last week a we didn't know until yesterday and didn't change it yet. Happy Mothers Day!