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Pat Rowe Kerr
Name Pat Rowe Kerr
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Hobbies Taking care of injured warriors, developing strategic plans to fill the gaps for those injured or financially strapped as a result of deployment, gardening, swimming, playing with my grandsons and loving my husband, Rev John Kerr and our four grown children!
About Me Every day is an opportunity to make a choice - they are not always easy. After my husband was on life support for 10 days from a botched appy and 2 years later hit by a semi-truck (27 surgeries the last 11 years), I was invited to create outreach programs for the military and veterans - WOW, what a blessing - and that's me (don't eat my cooking and ya might not want to drive with me but I sure do know how to educate, navigate, coordinate resources and advocate!!! :)
Pat Rowe Kerr
And the Day 12 Winners Are...
343 days ago

Ellen, my grandson - whose parents are in the military - is here visiting and says he loves to watch your program because it's so funny.....being a parent, I think you will find his story interesting for your children....just google Abraham Numerick or Power of 11 Cents!

He's 11 now and our family circle has now had 16 deployments since 9-11, with an uncle as a firefighter called to the Pentagon, his father currently in Afghanistan on his 3rd deployment, his mom - a very educated young woman (3 masters and working on her PhD) - 3 deployments to Iraq, and his stepfather, 4 deployments to Iraq.

He believes, as we do, that it's not what you receive but what you give; and teaching other children that with just 11 cents (the 11th day of the 11th month - Veterans Day) - they too can make a difference for our men, women and their families who serve and sacrifice every day.

Blessings to you for making a difference in many folks' lives - Grandma (and Abraham)