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About Me An opinionated Granny of two, politically motivated.
Pat Morfee
Message from Ellen
592 days ago

I am a Grandmother of 2 and am broken hearted for the families of the children lost and community of Newtown in Connecticut. My best wishes go out to them. My grandchildren live in another City so sent their parents a message to give them each an extra hug and kiss. It would be unbearable for us to lose our grandchildren. I cried most of the day and put my Christmas tree trimming and decorating aside to honour these little innocents who will not celebrate. Also remember the brave teachers who also left too soon. So sad.

Pat Morfee
You Write, Ellen Responds!
596 days ago

Hi Ellen:
I love your show and love how generous and kind you are to everyone. I have tried to enter your 12 Day giveaway on Twitter, Facebook and website. In order to comment I had to register and since I am 69 was not able to enter my birth year since it only goes to 1949. On Facebook, it accepts my Canadian address but since I don't have a US phone number, I can't enter. Several Canadians have commented on Facebook they also can't enter. Perhaps you could address this issue.

Pat Morfee
See All the Winners from Day 7 of 12 Days!
596 days ago

I asked if Canadians were eligible to enter your 12 Day Giveaway and received no answer. I have not seen a Canadian on your list so far. Also when I signed up to comment, I was not able to enter my birthday
since the year of birth only goes to 1949 and I was born before that. A Canadian Granny who loves Ellen for her generosity.

Pat Morfee
See the Winners from Day 6 of 12 Days!
597 days ago

I have not seen any winners from Canada. Are eligible to enter or am I just wasting my time?