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Pat Jaspers
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233 days ago

Ellen--I want to share with you something my daughter is doing. They have 4 children and have been struggling for years. They do alot of 2nd hand shopping and have never had a new or near new vehicle. The kids get reduced meals in school and so on. When they were here for Thanksgiving I was asking what everyone wanted for x-mas and told her I can't afford much but I would help with what I could. She told me not to worry about it that her husbands check had been a few extra hundred dollars more than they expected (keep in mind he is the only one working and is a truck driver and only makes a few hundred dollars a week)and she knows I have always tried give them a great Christmas even when I couldn't afford much. Then she told me with that extra few hundred dollars they are taking the kids to the mall to have them each pick a name off the sharing tree for needy kids and buy them gifts because even though they are struggling there are kids that may not have a christmas at all and she wants her children to see that even though they dont have much there is always a child that has less and they want them to know the meaning of giving. I am so truelly proud of her and love her so much and i think she deserves recognition for a selfless act. She loves you and everything you stand for so if you could just send her an e-mail and tell her you think it is awesome it would so make her day. It would actually make her year!!!!! Her name is Krystle Roth and her e-mail is
Thanks for listening ellen, Pat Jaspers