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Pat Henry
Name Pat Henry
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Hobbies Reading, playing with my dogs, taking walks, traveling
About Me I am originally from Lynchburg, VA moved to KY for my husband to find work, miss my family and friends. Been married for almost 32 years happily to my one and only husband. Have two king charles spaniels Noel & Daisy
Pat Henry
Lauren Graham, Lady Antebellum
450 days ago

Hi Ellen, My name is Pat Henry but I am writing to you about my sister Judy Toler. Shen went into the hospital last Monday and she had 8 blockages they were able to do 5 and a leaky valve. We have all prayed hard for her and today she is finally sitting up watching TV. She and her husband are having a hard time financially and she still has a long way to go. Please say a prayer for her and our family and I would appreciate anything you could do but most of all just pray. We love you and your show. Thank you and God Bless Pat