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Name Pat
Location Gananoque, Canada
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Hobbies Going to races,knitting,Collection of Dale Earnhart,love to walk,I Love to read true crime books..Watching Ellen everyday.its addicting....
About Me I'm going to turn 56 in 2014,nothing can get any worse,my hubby and I have worked for our best friend for 10 years,been best friends for 30 years,our boss phoned on May21 and fired both of us,things have been very tough for Us,the thing that bothers me so much,is not having the money to buy my 5 grandkids any presents...its just a horrorable thing.I don't know how I can face any one on Christmas Day...Thinking I'll just stay home all day,this is going to be the worst Christmas ever...I"m 55 years old,married to a good guy ....whom I Love so much...It is what it is !!!!!
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222 days ago

I have another comment,I watch the show everyday the only thing with me I'm usually also cooking supper at the same time..So I do miss bit n pieces so I just went through the different list of winners..I am surprised that I didn't see one winner from Canada...That does upset me as there are a lot of people who live here also love the Ellen if you need a first winner from Canada we have had a very rotten to the core kind of year we both loss our jobs,had a accident that wrote my car off,my daughters home burnt to the ground,motor went out of our vehicle,no money to buy anything else,my mom is very sick in Syracuse N.Y.,which I'm a U.S. citizen but been in Canada for 30 years..I sit around and cry most of the time,,I'm so ready to just give up..mean while during all this I had major surgery..Ellen what can I do,to make things better....I'm hoping to hear from you...Love ya

Message from Ellen
228 days ago

To Ellen & to Every Person that that help to keep Ellen's hour of fame,coming into our homes..I can be in the worse mood ever,but when I sit down to watch The Ellen show I know I'm going to have the next hour where I dance,even if I don't get know Ellen you chair dance...I'm know I'm smiling during the show,and Ellen's always for some good ol laughs...When Ellen's talk show started I think 10 years ago,I could say na I won't watch it,and it was more in my head than anything,as Ellen being gay I wasn't too sure about watching this lady named Ellen and what would she talk about for 1 I missed it for a week or two..and tried watching it again...Since then I have not stopped watching the show,I make sure I'm in my dancing chair waiting for smiles,and somedays laughing my arse off...I Love my hour with Ellen..she has a lot of top list of celebertly ,and I love the Ellen underwear...Last but least My Brother is Gay and on Dec 6th,him and his partner got married..I'm so Happy for them...Keep up your Great work Ellen,your AWESOME !!!!!!