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Pamela Trousdale
Name Pamela Trousdale
Location Anthony, Florida
Age 56
Joined 457 days ago
Hobbies fishing, enjoying retirement with my husband
About Me 30 yrs in Emergency Communications. Retired, Married to the love of my life for 25 yrs and excited about the next 25. We met at work. Firefight, Paramedic Captain marries dispatcher on the town square in the gazebo. We love the fall and winter months.
Pamela Trousdale
Message from Ellen
457 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Some of the best moments on your show, are when you start to laugh so much that you are almost in tears, and doubled over. The only other person that makes me laugh every single day is my wonderful husband Hal.
Justin Timberlake can be on your show every month. The two of you together make great entertainment.
Ellen, you are a beautiful "Cover Girl" inside and out.