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Pamela Mason
Name Pamela Mason
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About Me I am a woman who is just losing her 30 year marriage, but have beautiful children, ages 27-14, that are wonderful; and a group of woman friends that have saved my life. I am in recovery and my friends never failed me. They have showed my limitless love , understanding and compassion far beyond I believed possible. We all love your show and it gives me a lift each weekday, as I am reinventing myself and starting my new life. Thank you and God bless. Pam
Pamela Mason
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447 days ago

Ellen, I wrote a letter fro jail in tent City Arizona to get tickets for 2 of my girlfriends who have stood by me in my struggle with alcoholism.

We all watch your show and they both work full time and record it, watching it when they tuck them selves in at night to end their day. you have been a big, beautiful, happy, inspirational part of our lives. I hope i get these tickets for my dear friends, Diane and Sue, to thank them.

Thank you Ellen! Pam mason