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Pamela Beaudet
Name Pamela Beaudet
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Pamela Beaudet
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
547 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Happy Birthday to a warm, funny, kind, generous, spectacular human being. I watch your show pretty much everyday and I can't tell you how happy i am just to watch you. What you do for so many people and animals amaze me. You are truly a special woman. Thank you for being you.

Pamela Beaudet
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586 days ago

Hello Ellen.
I would like for you to please pick me for one of your twelve days giveaway's. I'm the oldest of three sisters and need some help to give my sister's a great Christmas. Two years ago i suffered a great loss. I lost my hearing, just woke up and it was silence. My sister's have helped me each & everyday deal with this. Last year my middle sister was diagnosed with lupus. I watch her each and everyday struggle to get up each & every morning tohave a pain free day (while trying to raise her 4 year old grandson). And last but not least my baby sister a single divorced mother of two who works 2 jobs to make ends meet and find there's not enough to go around so she does without to give to her 2 kids. Ellen i know you're a dedicated, warm loving,happy, & funny woman,and i admire you for everything you do for others in need. If you pick me that would be wonderful but, if not may i say thank you each and everyday for being you. Thank you.
Pamela Beaudet- Lancaster, Mass

Pamela Beaudet
Message from Ellen
593 days ago

Ellen, I just wanted to say what a great, wonderful, giving person you are. I've watched you for years and I admire all the things that you do for people. You're always happy and smiling, and you always have a kind word. You give to people who are in need,and don't think twicw about it. You truly are AWESOME.