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About Me 53 year old mom, wife, nana, Hospice Nurse living in the Boston area. Love the Ellen show, watch it every day!
Quote of the Day: You Are Not a Failure
568 days ago

I have been a Bethany fan from her first days on Housewives. As a mom, I just want to put your head in my lap and let you cry it out, I will probably cry with you. First, let me say that you are NOT a failure. YOU or Jason did not fail, your marriage failed. I believe you both worked hard to work things out but sometimes when the pain and fighting gets that bad, it is sometimes better to end things rather than continue to hurt a person you deep down love, but may not always "like". Marriage can be looked at like a roller coaster. The excitement and anticipation in the beginning is addictive, the slow ride up is enjoyable, but when it starts to go down hill, boy do most people want to stop the ride? We have to figure out a way to appreciate that with every great ride to the top, a rapid thrust to the bottom may be coming. It's the trick to figuring out how we learn to accept and enjoy the entire ride we need to figure out? Give yourself some time, and some credit for all of the fabulous things you HAVE accomplished over these past few years. As women, we are so quick to kick our own ass rather than sit on it and take in the good we are. Hugs available here in Boston any time they are needed.