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Pamala Hughes
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About Me I am a 60 year old mom with 2 children and a step child also a Meemaw to 5. I am a paraplegic do to a car accident when I was 27 yrs old. Since then I have battled breast cancer and many surgeries , at the present I have one more surgery for a pressure sore left and also pray to stay in remission for the next five yrs.
Pamala Hughes
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157 days ago

Dear Ellen I watch your show everyday and I saw how the cousins fixed up a house so I thought I would tell you my story. I am a mother of a 40 yr old son William who is in need of a liver transplant, he is on a list however they would like a live liver donor, which we are waiting for his sister Jennifer to see if she is a match which she will be tested for this week. However I am a paraplegic and have just went through breast cancer and I have one more surgery and then maybe I can get to Chester, va where William lives, I live in massena, ny and have not been able to see my son and his family , his wife Kristen and 3 children, Allison age 11, Natalie age 9 and Ian age 2 for a year now. However I am writing because they bought a home from an estate sale which is still dated in the 1970's if you no what I mean. William planned on remodeling , which is impossible because he can't left heavy items and he has so many hospital and doctor bills. I would love it if you could get there remodeled so I can stay with during his surgery and be able stay with them not in a hotel. I usually only visit for 4 days because of the expense and I am on ssi. William would be so excited to get his home finally finished, I just know he would. This would mean so much to me also Ellen just knowing I was able to help them in some way by submitting the letter. Thanks for letting me go on and god bless you, Ellen