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Pam Tyson
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Pam Tyson
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192 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I'm writing in for my daughter who is expecting her first baby. It was definitely a unplanned pregnancy. But we have embraced it and I am so excited to be a first time grandma. The father has chose not to be involved. My daughter will be a single mom to this new little baby and she says that I'm her "baby daddy," as I have been involved thru this whole process. There's no doubt that my daughter will be an amazing Mom. But, it would be amazing if she could be on your Mothers Day show. In my mind she is so deserving. When we first found out about the pregnancy there were a lot of hard times and sleepless night. But in the midst of everything we looked forward to watching your show every day because we knew there would be lots of laughs and happiness.

Sincerely, Pam Tyson (soon to be know as "Mema")