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Pam Gordon
Name Pam Gordon
Location Brampton, Canada Ontario
Age 53
Joined 536 days ago
Hobbies Acting, Screenwriting, Photography, hockey, baseball, movies, making people laugh, loving dogs, and all animals.
About Me Hi lets see, I am fun, interesting, love to travel as much as possible, train dogs, sorry train people, laugh, sports just about any of them, treat people with respect and honesty. Love to Love. Helping people or animals brings me alive. I just wrote a screenplay called Empty Chairs, a drama/comedy based on a true story of my life, my loses, learning to move forward, and grateful for a wonderful family and our pets, before I see Empty Chairs. The messages in the screenplay to film will give you the laughter that you need, and parts that could break your heart, but we all have in one way or another the same road.
Pam Gordon
Jennifer Lopez, Kyle Chandler
492 days ago

Best TV show, Ellen. Is there any questions about that. Your gift to entertain people on a daily basis, is only a small part of who you really are. A caring, and loving person, for people and animals alike. It warms me on a cold day, you make people smile, a wonderful gift, and you own it. I am very pleased at everything you do, as if your life doesn't have its ups and downs. Sure it does, the ability to bounce through life, realizing that life happens for all of us. You show the world strength, and power to over come the obsticles, and keep moving your feet. The power to be our best, comes in part from you. You are loved for sure, If you havent heard it in awhile, the world loves you, and wants the best for you. You amaze me, and comfort me when things are not quite right. Thanks for being you. Pam Gordon

Pam Gordon
Jennifer Lopez, Kyle Chandler
493 days ago

Hi there, I would love to be on your show on the Friday with Jennifer Lopaz. It's so exciting. I am in LA for a 4.5 month school course for acting, my number 1 gift in life. I am moving right along, and soon I will be sitting right beside you. With a little luck, and dreaming it in, it will happen.

Cheers Pam Gordon