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pam cowell
Name pam cowell
Age 49
Joined 232 days ago
Hobbies Just cleaning up after people. My husband calls me o.c.d. Try to keep a clean home. You never know who will come knocking!!!
About Me Just to take care of family & friends.. Try to be there to help when needed.
pam cowell
Win All the Day 2 Prizes from 12 Days!
176 days ago

Just love the show & would be so excited to win even one prize..
You are such a wonderful person.. You are so kindto all.. I just love you

pam cowell
Message from Ellen
176 days ago

Love you & your show.. You are the best person ever.. So caring about your fans.. Want to wish you a very Happy Birthday..Keep up the good work.. I have watched you forever.. Even on the old Ellen show. Iloved you then but I love you more now... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

pam cowell
Ben Stiller, Steve Coogan
231 days ago

Ellen I am writing for the home makeover.. My husband & I live in his family home & it is full of mold. We are trying to get a home loan to bye out his brother & sister when things all went so wrong when his sister went in for a hip replacement & never recovered.. So when we had the loan all set his brother in law had to go through court to be appointed executive of her will. Now we are struggling.. He was out of work for 6 months.. He ended up hospitalized for his breathing.. All Tell us it is full of mold & unsafe to live in but this is our home. His home growing up. He is a disabled navy Vet because of bad knees & neck can not perform his job like he used to. He is a letter carrier for 32 years with his military service. We have had a rough few years & really have no family left around us.. My mom passed away of lung cancer in Oct.2008, The day after we laid her to rest my step dad (her husband)was killed in a motor cycle accident. A week to the day after we waked our mom we had to wake our dad in the exact same room same place. If I could have anything I would like to do this for my husband We are just not lucky in life.. Only when we found each other. If there is anything you could do for us it would really be appreciated.. I have also just lost my job.. Seems like we lose everything in life that matters to us.