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Pam Bevins
Matt LeBlanc, Jared Leto
195 days ago

I am looking forward to Friday's show and seeing Jared Leto talk about Dallas Buyer's Club and his portrayal of Rayon. I saw this movie twice and he broke my heart as the sensitive, vulnerable, dying Rayon. The scene with his father at the bank and the one where she is dressing up to be pretty for God just gutted me. Jared was gone, it was only Rayon on the screen. It would be a crime if he doesn't win the Golden Globe on Sunday and eventually the Oscar.

The Friday bonus is Thirty Seconds to Mars playing on the show. I love this band. City of Angels is so dynamic and truthful, Jared sings it with so much feeling and Shannon and Tomo are amazing. I am not surprised by how much they are loved and how successful they are. They deserve all the accolades they are getting, worldwide.

Thank you Ellen, thank you.

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