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Name Pam
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Hobbies reading mentoring and of course wathch the show daily rather a rerun or not
About Me My Husband and I are big fans of Ellen as so are other millions of followers. We are greatful that she is on makes us laugh and cry but thats a good thing
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590 days ago

Hello All: Well I have a little problem . My husband now screen the Elloen show for me. You ask Why. Well he would come home from work and i would be sitting there either laughing or sobbing from al the emotional storys Ellen has on. He always laugh at me and you know what I say STO{ IT ILOVE THIS SHOW> and than he says you dork why are yoy crying. Well Ms Ellen and family I do Love this show I tape it everyday And you have the greatest guest and the way you treat your guest is amazing. The audience are you excited to be there. I hope to come soon but tickets are hard to come by but I will wait my turn I will bring my box of kleenex and we can cry and laugh together. Please enjoy your Christmas vacation and I hope to be there next year. We Love from a big fan. Sorry I havent written before I finally got a computer from a friend. Pam