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otelia tezeno
Name otelia tezeno
Location las vegas, nevada
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Hobbies helping hurting children,,and caring for the elderly
About Me my is misissionary otelia tezeno, i live here in las vegas. i really want to tell ellen thanks for all she do. i raise 28 children. im 51 years of age done had people do me wrong im out here in las vegas trying to make it. i just want a home to call my on,, nothing fancy just in a decent neighborhood. im trying to go to school but my memory isnt that good, to remmeber comprehend because i have had several strokesin the pass. i pray God will keep you here a love time, because of your love for all man kind, be bless. people dont realize the more you give ,the more it comes back to them, i know you are a Saint, many people wanna be but they allow their heart to decieve them . your are real in what you do. take care of yourself love , missionary otelia. call me whenever u need a friend or just encouraging words, i will be here for you, like you have been there for millions. love always, otelia
otelia tezeno
You Write, Ellen Responds!
131 days ago

hey ellen i live in las vegas nv. i watch your show you are a very wonderful person, your love for all for all man kind. i raised 28 children in my home .i have live in louisiana all my life. until i recently became emotional disturb, got tired of bad marriages causing me to become ill. all i ever wanted ellen was a roof over my head to call my home . im going to school trying to make it sickly.. i just made 52 years old not in the best of health , but the next time a man decides to mistreat me . he can pull the rug, but i will have a leg to stand on .. i live off of student loans. to make a living for myself. if you decide to give me a call my # 337-540-6436. you have made a difference in so many peoples lives. i pray God will will keep u here a long time. some people dont realize the more u give , the more God will give back unto them. i love u ,pray i will hear from you one day, love always missionary otelia