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Hobbies Play Ping-pong, watch The Ellen Show.
About Me I'm Spanish mother of 2 kids (one of each) and now a new grandson,live in Brooklyn NY. Worked as a medical assistant at a local Hospital recently got fired for something that still think it not rite..When I was a teenager I played a professional ping-pong on my country (Ecuador), still play from time to time. Unemployed now, no money whatsoever to cover and help my family. trying to live day by day very sad and disappointed the way thing are when they are run by some people because the have some power. Otherwise we ok, love to watch The Ellen Show every single day, Shes an inspiration to me.
Ellen Salutes Her Mother
569 days ago

Hi ELLEN: Happy New Year to you family and crew.
I wrote to you couple of time before, hope you are ok..well let my started to tell you that I was wishing so much to be one of the lucky one on you show...Christmas for my family and I was complete empty lost my job about 3 months ago and not to be able for the first time to buy a single present for my kids and my new grandson..but I think that I let my family down this time been able always to provide and also to be the only income in my house not to do it this time..Hopefully God look down to me and give me some kind of luck, and be able to get off of debts and provide for my family again ..I watch your show every single day and gets me so excited to see the way you get people so happy...keep doing a great job Ellen you are one of God send...
Love always

Worried About Gifts This Season?
602 days ago

Happy holidays to you and your crew...I'm a single mother of 2: 1girl and 1boy. and recently become a grandma of a beautiful baby boy. I lost my job about 2 months ago,I worked as a medical assistant at one of the local Hospital for something that still think its not rite..this is the reason why my kids and gran baby now wont be able to have a Christmas presents, I'm getting unemployed but its not enough not even for my bills..but overall I thank God for blessing me with my new grandson, and my kids. I only hope that next year will be better...ELLEN I love your show so much that now that I'm home love to watch everyday, makes me fell better from my sadness and problems in my life....XOXO always you the BEST!!!!