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Olga Andujar
Name Olga Andujar
Location Rancho Cucamonga, California
Age 66
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Hobbies Singing, zumba, dancing, watching you everyday.
About Me I'm 65 yrs of age, Puerto Rican, born n raised in Calif. Have grandkids n great 2 great grandkids. I drive a '99 old Ford Escort that's literally holding on by a string. I roommate with my sis, n now have my brother living with us since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I moved him into my bedroom so he could have his privacy n comfort during this tough and stressful time. I got a airbed n sleep in my sis' room. It's just something that we had to do. He's only got us rite now. We're close to d same age (65, 68, n 70 yrs). I have a hard time sleeping @ nite bcuz I'm fearful of his health. All I can do is pray everyday n hope He hears n heals.
Olga Andujar
Favorite Moments: Making Ellen Laugh
257 days ago

Hi Ellen,omg, just watching your favorite Ellen Laugh moments made me pee on myself. I have to go and change my diaper. Hahaha!!! It sucks getting old (65)!!!

Love you way too much,