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Odessa O. Roehrs
Name Odessa O. Roehrs
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Hobbies Fishing, cooking, and singing
About Me I was born in the Philippines, came in Nebraska on November 2001. Have 3 kids: Maegan 9 years old; Ben 3 years old; and Samuel 17 month old, he will be 18 month on this July 18, 2013. I am a part time Certified Nursing Assistant for 11 years and a full time student for Long Term Care Administrator
Odessa O. Roehrs
Miley Cyrus, and 'Twilight'!
319 days ago

Hi Ellen, I just finished watching your show with Miley in the computer. I can't folow you on the television because I don't have regular TV anymore that is why I have to watch episodes a day after your show.
You always bring a smile and laughter to your shows, I always forgot my worries for a bit while watching. Thank you!!!