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Name NR
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Age 30
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Hobbies paint, travel, love, photography
About Me Painter/photograph/I am just a nobody being myself. Very sensitive...a little too much. With a big dream. A very colorful dream. So much to say, ideas to share, a great will to change bad things. Lost a few years in name of love. Standing up now. Fearless. Ready for life. And..ahahah Not very familiar with twitter... not even 1 follower :) but..who cares! :)
The Challenges of Multitasking
522 days ago

Hi Ellen! You crazy girl!! Love you!

I am a multitasker myself and I would love to show it to you! I could cook a fabulous dinner & desert, decorate a table, make you a dress, do your make up, take pictures and post it on facebook ...and it all in 20 minutes!