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Noritzu Tapia
Name Noritzu Tapia
Location rancho santa margarita , California
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Hobbies singing, playing guitar, playing basketball, listening to music, and writing
About Me im 17 almost 18. im a christia girl. I love music<3
Noritzu Tapia
One Direction and Keira Knightley
618 days ago

Hi ellen. i reallly wish you would pick me. I tried winning tickets to your last show but i didnt get them so I'm hoping you will pick me for this one. I know its a one in agamabajillion chance i will win but it worth a try i really loveone direction. when harry sing "you never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but your perfect to me" it really gets to me because i've struggled with weight problems and recently i lost 40-50 pounds when he sings that it makes me feel like its okay that i may not be the skinniest girl out tere but someone one day will love me for my imperfection. It would be a dream to meet them. thank you so much if u read this and best of luck to the winner <3 (: