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Name Nora
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Hobbies I love watching ellen shows, I love singing and dancing, I love my mom
About Me My name is Nora I'm a Nigerian and presently in Nigeria, I'm 22years old I love dogs a lot I love music I love my mom so very much I lost my dad when I was 17years old hasn't been easy for the family since then.I want to be given an opportunity to reach out people to give them hope tell them everything would be just fine even when it's not. I've always had this dream to be able to touch people's lives in one way or the other.
A Sloth is Near!
496 days ago

I love yours shows ellen they always lighten me up. U're the best ellen ever.

Win a Trip to Australia!
497 days ago

Ellen I don't know where to start from, but my heart is filled with so much joy right. I don't know what to say ellen but I love you so much and like that 4year old little kid who loves bruno mars said "he doesn't want any other ellen" same here I don't any other ellen but you. You have the most wonderful heart and personality I have ever known. My name is Nora I'm a *****ian and in *****ia I don't miss yours shows whenever I watch yours shows the only thing I imagine is seeing myself among your audience it would be like a dream come true. I love you Ellen and thank you for the lives you've touched.