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Name Noma
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Hobbies Outdoors, walking, hiking, swimming, fishing, camping, etc. Cooking, art, sewing, knitting, woodworking, canine behavior, animal care, photography, watching documentaries, blogging and gaming; table top, computer, console, board games, etc.
About Me Happily married to a wonderful guy. We have a rescued greyhound and live in a pretty awesome city. I live with chronic pain and struggle with food allergies and hypoglycemia but life is still pretty good. Laughter makes everything better.
'Gangnam Style' Mom and Son!
163 days ago

Sitting here smiling like an idiot thanks to this stuff. I should probably make this a habit.

Wolfgang Puck Cooks!
164 days ago

This is awesome!
Wish I could eat any of that. Food allergies suck. Nuts, mushrooms, wheat. Everything used in place of meat in vegan recipes. I'd probably disappear completely if I went full vegan and stopped eating meat.
Anyone know a good gluten free, nut free, mushroom free, vegan recipe that's still high in protein for a hypoglycemic? LOL