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A New Car for a Single Mom
255 days ago

Hey Ellen,
Im sixteen years old and I'M writing this because my mom is need of a new car. She had fallen upon hard times when my uncle was murdered in front of myself and my grandmother in 2008.. It has been 5 1/2 years now she is back to work but her car is on its last leg my mom helps take care of everyone.. Every weekend on her off days she takes my great grandmother to the groccery store since my great grandad past away she always run errands for whomever is in need of her help in the family.. She is a single mom she works everyday to take care myself and my brother an sister she gave up her life to take care of my grandmother an me when my uncle was killed.. She is the oldest of all the children so she seems to never get a break everyone always leans on her.. I just wish she can have something special for herself once in a'while if you can help with a new car or with any of her debts ellen I'll work for you for free..Please can you help