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Nina Denza
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Nina Denza
Exclusive! Ellen Gets Her Birthday Cake
175 days ago

I hope u and Portia had a very happy birthday, you are both amazing and truly deserve it. Your are on my bucket list to see before I die. I hope I have plenty of time and get too see you. I think you are so amazing.

Nina Denza
Win All the Prizes from Day 5 of 12 Days!
224 days ago

Hi Ellen I would love to win tickets to your birthday show. My older sister shares the same birthday as you and she could really use a vacation. She is always stressed out and tired but yet she always finds time to help everyone else. Unfortunately she can't afford to go on a real vacation so if I win I would take her. You would love my sister she is a lot like you she loves to make people laugh. She says you have to laugh to enjoy life. She is always joking around. She is an amazing sister and person just like you.