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Name Nina
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Hobbies Playing board games with family,finding recipes to make new meals, buying/playing new wii exercise games and laughing!
About Me Born and raised in Ohio, but left at age 19. I am very proud to have served my country in the U.S. Army where I met my husband. I am a wife of ten years and a mother of two. My husband, my son-9, and my daughter-5 make my days better and worth striving to become a better person inside and out. I am ambitious, enjoy being with my family, smiling and making other people feel good by giving them my smile.--some people smile back and shockingly some people here in Pennsylvania do nothing. First time for everything!
Message from Ellen
60 days ago

Hi Ellen, I love yahoo always. About your comment Mary from Australia, don't feel upset not everyone in the U.S wins:) It's hard to win with so many people entering and watching. But Ellen I am entering anyway, so consider me 25,000 could pay off some!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
193 days ago

I am really happy to see Kym Whitley on the show. Ellen please stay sweet, I think Kym was just being her funny self asking you to be apart of the village. Asking someone to be apart of their family is a compliment, no matter who you are.