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Nilda Saldana
Name Nilda Saldana
Location Torrance, CA
Age 56
Joined 663 days ago
Hobbies love camping, gardening work,
About Me I'm ready to start my education at Westwood College for Medical Assisting. I've been researching for a college with the appropriate hours for attending and was contacted Master Admissions Representative.
Nilda Saldana
Tony is an American Citizen!
568 days ago

Congratulations Tony!!

Nilda Saldana
Message from Ellen
570 days ago

Hi Ellen!

Love watching your show, every day and right back to ya
Happy New Year 2013!!

Nilda Saldana
Gallery of the Week: Cats That Think They're Hiding
581 days ago

Hi Ellen:
Wishing you Portia, and entire staff from your show, a very warm Holiday Greeting Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Nilda Saldana
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
606 days ago

Happy Holidays Ellen!!

Ellen love watching your show, I'm one of your biggest fan of your show, and I do believe in what you've said before be kind to one another but most important "ADOPT A PET"! 'Back at ya"!

Nilda Saldana
Enter Ellen's 'I Car About You' Sweepstakes!
663 days ago

Hi Ellen:

Your an amazing host for your show which brings me a great deal of laughter and love your DJ who has a great selection on music to dance just love hearing and watching you all the time. Ellen I understand your giving away a brand new car to a lucky viewer well i like to tell you my story, I'm 55, today is my birthday I have 4 wonderful kids, my oldest she and her husband are expecting their first baby and its a "BOY"! My oldest son is a straight A student attending a University, my other daughter has 4 children 3 girls 1 boy and my youngest son is finishing high school. Ellen there's so much I would do if I had a car, transportation to school and new employment in the medical field, seeing my family and going places.
Ellen thank you so much for the entertainment you bring to my home
for the other talk shows "please move over Ellen's here to stay"!
Thank you for being so generous toward people you love, right back at ya!!
Love Nilda