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Nikki Morales
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About Me i love Justin Bieber <3333
Nikki Morales
Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, and Day 10 of 12 Days!
597 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I email you so much and i dont know if you see them or not so i thought why not try this! Im 18 years old and i really really believe i am Justins BIGGEST FAN! My room is covered from head to toe with Justin Bieber posters, i have about every shirt, i even have a bieber shrine. I talk about 24/7. My dream has been to meet him, and i dont know how many times i have tried it just never works out :( it would be my biggest dream come true if i got to meet him on your show! When i heard that he is coming Friday, once again i am trying my hardest to get you to notice me! I promise you wont regret it! I will do anything and everything!!! Please please please. Ill even give you a massage! jk, but really :) Justin is my idol, i have been with him since his first youtube video. Ive been with him every step of the way. He inspires me so much and gets me through hard times. I know i dont know him personally but i feel like i do. I love him more than you know! I NEEEED to meet him just once! Please please please with cherries on top! Everyone makes fun of me for loving him so much and no one believes i will actually succeed to meeting him. No one believed me when i said i would get him to follow me on twitter, and he did! I never stopped trying. He taught me to never give up :) and im not giving up on this! So please, im begging you to please read this. I love you and your show so much, i watch it everday! Oh! And i make videos for him to see on youtube but i dont think he has seen those either! Heres my user name. nikkimoraless Check it out! Ok im done writting a book. hahah bye :)

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