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Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
547 days ago

I actually remember when i first watched your show i was in my room and my family was in the lounge room watching a movie. I couldn't contain myself from laughing you were so hilarious and because i have quite a weird laugh (it actually sounds like a frog) my mum came in and said "Nikki what the bloody hell is so funny in there" and i repleid "ellen"
Ever since then every afternoon i have watched your show and when i have to stay at my grandams house i watch it with her she has never watched your show til last year and she was judgemental at first then she saw how kind hearted you are. Your kindness amazes me and how one person can just be joyful. I still get exicted when your show comes on im like a five year old in a candy store. You are the perfect talk show host and person you care not only about peoples needs but animals too and you really do make a deifference in peoples lives you're not just a comedian you do so much more f=or the community. It is my dream to see your show
Nicole, Gladstone, Queensland