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Hello Ellen
I am Canadian, and really love watching your show, and seeing how much you help others. You actually make me shed a tear of joy every now and then, when I see the happiness you bring to others. I can have a bad day and know that if I watch your show I will have a good laugh no matter what. I have to say I was excited and really enjoyed watching on Wednesday May 1,2013 when you had Theresa Caputo, the medium on your show. She is amazing. She is unbelievable and I truly believe in her. I am sure that all who lost a love one, would love to hear from them again. And what Theresa does is truly unbelievable and brings joy and closer to many. Well maybe some day I will get that chance. Thank You Ellen for sharing your interests, love, laughter, beliefs and helping many deserving people. You are truly a wonderful and loving person. Many of us can only hope to have someone has wonderful as you in our lives. Take care and Thanks again.