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Nesha Ditto
Name Nesha Ditto
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Hobbies I love doing for others, working outside, spending time with Katie & watching Ellen!!!
About Me I am a singal mom of a 16 year old Katie she the best thing I have ever done. I have been a foster mom for 2 years and have 15 kids in my hom. I love each and every one of them. My daughter and I were just told that we have Lymes the Dr. Said how are you two still so healthy wet old him because we have faith and each other. That is who we are we love life and are strong because of all that we have been through.
Nesha Ditto
Christina Aguilera, Day 5 of 12 Days!
594 days ago

Please Ellen I need you to pick me for the 12 Days, My story is to long to type. Please

Nesha Ditto
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594 days ago

Ellen I can't get my daughter anything at all for Christmas. I am looking for a full time job. I am having no luck at all! PLEASE pick me to win the 12 days. Katie is a A student in school, she plays sports and is wonderful at everything she dose. And we both have Lymes d. We just found about that. ELLEN she really needs a good Christmas things have been really hard this year!!!!!!!!
Thank You, xoxoxoxo

Nesha Ditto
Message From Ellen
651 days ago

Ellen, We really need help. My wonderful 16 year old Katie has been ask to join the NHS, at school I am so proud of her. She was asked to join the varsity team for volleyball, she is a fighter and she has to be see we just found out the we both have LYME'S. Because of that the foundation removed all 5 of our foster kids. We have been fostering for 2 years and have had 15 kids come and go we loved every minute. We were so upset about what they did to these kids. I was not able to work because they wouldn't cover daycare for the kids. I am looking for a job but having a hard time. Ellen I Really need your help I can't make the bills I mean the house, water, electric, car payment and it is not running so great right now the heater doesn't work and I can't take it in to get it fixed. The dr. we have to see is in Dallas and he doesn't take insurance so that is 500 out of pocket that I don't have I can't even get my Meds. Please Elen we really need your help!!!! Last year for Christmas Katie didn't get anything from me But we were together so it was great. I feel like such a bad mom for somehow letting us get to where we are.
Your greatest fan,
P.s. Anyone that is reading this please send prayers this way!!!