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Nereida Pereira (nickname - Kiki
Name Nereida Pereira (nickname - Kiki
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About Me I am a single mom who lives alone. I have 3 beautiful children 2 grand children. As a mom I feel I've done a great job. All the long hours paid off. For myself I can say I have also done well even though sometimes I tend to forget about me. I am very caring and love to give advice and guidence when I see needed. I don't have much excitement anymore since the kids are gone and don't live near me but I make it and effort to keep myself occupied let it be by watching tv, shopping, church or driving to see them. I'm looking forward to someday retireing and moving closer to my children. They all have moved away, two of them 45 minutes from me and my son two hours from me so it gets to be a little lonely sometimes.
Nereida Pereira (nickname - Kiki
Ellen's Amazing Mother's Day Giveaways!
519 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am a mother but I am not expecting or plan too. LOL
I am a single mother of 3 which are fully grown and independent. I am writing because I want to win tickets to your mother's day show but couldn't find were to submit my information.
I hurry home from work to watch your show. I see the kind of person you are, so sincere and real and that alone would make anyone want to watch your show. As I write to you I realize how hard life has become when all your children are grown and you have done a great job and kinda forgot yourself maybe that's why I grabbed my lab top and decided to register to win tickets. Enough of that. Hope I win the tickets. Sincerely, Kiki.