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Nelson D.Espada
Name Nelson D.Espada
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Hobbies stay at home dad since all my hobbies are no longer.
About Me used to be a truck driver head of house hold since my sudden illness I cant really do much of anything lost my job cause of it cant get no social security they claim im to young unemployment is running out annd public aid told me my wife make enough to support the 2 of us im constantly back and forth with doctors appointments and in and out of hospitals what I have is some kind of neurological disorder that triggers different types of siezures electrical discharge throughtout the brain blackout lost of conciousness lost of sight,and short term memory all of this within a blink of an eye I want to say but thats pretty much about me. But I do want you to know that I am a loyal viewer and I see what you do for so many so all I want to say to you is may "GOD BLESS YOU" Ten Million Times for all you do and I'll continue to pray for you so that may continue to do what you are doing and all I ask in return is that you pray for me too. thank you ELLEN lots Of LOVE.
Nelson D.Espada
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597 days ago

To Ellen:Love the show and all that you do love your personality most of all the goodness that lives within in your heart not just throughout the holiday season but throughout the year and years past and who knows maybe even years to come your a wonderful person loving,warm hearted,and for those who don't know it you're an angel who know's you just might be that little fat guy in the red suit who hangs out with a bunch of little guys and reindeers who they call santa that is just here to let us grown-ups know that santa does still exist except he doesn't have a sled his name isn't santa his name isn't even Saint Nick It's Ellen Degenerous and when she came to town ten years ago she changed the gift of giving Thank You Ellen Sincerely......Nelson