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I have a GREAT invention for you Ellen.. yes.. serioulsy : ) .. It is mechanical and "go green" style. We are creating a working model and if you are interested, we will contact you when we are finished and maybe you would like to present it on a future show.. Ok.. keep up the great work together with your wonderful sense of humor and compassion..

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428 days ago

Dear Ellen, How does a person simply touch someone who seems to have so much and who does so much for others?? It is more than a wonderful feeling to watch you on your show Ellen.. You are real most of the time and your awesome sense of humor and compassion are deeply appreciated. There is not much like walking through the forest when the weather is dry, the pine trees reaching so high that you can hardly see the deep blue sky above, the smell in the air, the soft hollow pine ground beneath your feet, the whisper of the wind in the trees, the sound of each and every different bird and the fun and laughter experienced when watching chipmunks adorable.. these special moments bring peace to my mind .. the same feeling I enjoy while watching you on your show!! Your choice in music is great and your guests are quite entertaining.. love your games too : ) .. Goofy .. funny .. but so much fun : ) Ok ,, Ellen ,, do something for me.. Accept hugs to you and yours Ellen.. and a pat on the back for all of your accomplishments in life..I think these comments are relevant to all of Ellen's blogs : )