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Nathalie Mason
Name Nathalie Mason
Joined 463 days ago
Hobbies We have 5 dogs. One is my foster failure with the humane society. love to do volunteer work when able. Have no real hobbys now but love to read mystery stories.
About Me I'm 62 years old, married for 21 years to Bill who turned 64 in November. Had our 21 anniversary on the 6th of December.
Nathalie Mason
Gwyneth Paltrow, Patrick Wilson, Josh Groban
308 days ago

Love Gwyenth Paltrow glad she was on again.

Nathalie Mason
Leah Remini, The Season 11 Premiere!
317 days ago

So glad you are back, counted the days all summer. Not that I mind repeats but new is better. So glad you gave Talia that tribute. She was a remarkable young lady and I'm sure her family was very proud of her. Those two principals you helped today was wonderful. I love you because you are a warm, loving, caring individual. Good look with this season wish you all the best. Keep bring tears of joy to us.

Nathalie Mason
Caption This! 2 Dogs and a Baby
378 days ago

This bone smells different than the others

Nathalie Mason
Jennifer Aniston, Bryce Dallas Howard, Brittany Snow
462 days ago

Your show makes me laugh and cry. But always excellent. Cant wait to see Jennifer Aniston on Thursday. I think she is a beautiful and talented woman.

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