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On Saturday Jan. 25 2014 our beloved Son , father , brother , grandson cousin and friend Armando Orosco went to the E.R. due to severe headaches unexplainable bruises, and his gums were turning purple. That day they diagnosed him with leukemia. On 1/26/14 he started to complaining of blurry vision and his headaches were unbearable and made him vomit. Mando received a blood transfusion to try to give him strength. Due to the vomiting it caused a hemorrhage in his brain, due to his cell count hemorrhaging continued and couldn't be stopped. At 3:45am 1/27/14 the family received a message to get to the hospital. A cat scan was given and there was swelling to the brain. They were giving the option of surgery with a 1% chance of making it. Without the surgery he would be brain dead. We put him in Gods hands and took our chances. He was given platelets to help through the surgery and control
his bleeding. He made it through the surgery. That gave us hope. Family and friends continued to pray and we kept our faith and starved our fears. On Tuesday 1/28/14 A cat scan was done. A tube was inserted for drainage to help reduce the swelling and relieve the pressure. Shortly after doctors informed us there was no drainage. So a 10 min test was given to try and determine if his heart would beat and he could breath on his own. It was determined the test was unsuccessful after just a few minutes. We continued to pray. The next test was given. They ran fluid through his brain to test for activity. He was then considered brain dead. The family had to make the most devastating decision either to keep him living on life support or let Gods will be done. At 5:46pm he took his last breath on earth and 1st breath in heaven. He leaves behind his girlfriend Jennifer and 2 kids 4yr old Cerina
& 1 month old Armando Jr. Due to the unexpected death the family face a financial burden. Please continue to pray the family needs are met. Thank you and God bless