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Natasha Neztsosie
Name Natasha Neztsosie
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Hobbies Watching Ellen every day she keeps me going when I'm down, spending time with my family.
About Me I'm a single mother who works hard. and I luv to spend most of my time with my son and family. We are never realy apart we stick together and try to keep each other strong.
Natasha Neztsosie
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
597 days ago

Hi ellen,
I'm a big fan of yours, luv what u did today I think the show rocks. I give anything in the world to be on your show. Question have you had anyone from New Mexico on your show if not I like to be the first. I think its great what you do you keep peeps lol and thats good meds for peeps who look up to you. I know you always bring joy,hope, for me and my family.