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Natalie Hassell
Are You Expecting Your First Child?
282 days ago

Hi Ellen. My name is Natalie and I am beyond excited to be expecting my first baby May 25th. We have been trying to make a baby for about two years and although it has been fun, we are so glad it finally happened. :) My husband is an amazing, hard working man who works at Oakland University as a teacher of ethics and philosophy. I am a mental health therapist that has worked predominately with youth dealing with depression and anxiety. I have also previously worked with kids in foster care and children dealing with sexual abuse. My husband and I work very hard to improve young peoples lives and can't wait to teach our child about love and kindness.
We are blessed to make a decent living and can't wait to shower our baby with love (and toys) but could never afford the over the top amazing gifts you give at your beautiful Mother's Day show.
I hope you give this momma-to-be a chance to meet you and attend my favorite episode of my favorite show. I am a HUGE fan and really respect all the good you put out into the world.