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Natalie Bozeman
Name Natalie Bozeman
Age 43
Joined 599 days ago
Hobbies Reading, loving my children, playing on the computer, watching Ellen. and playing games with the family(Monopoly,Dominoes, Yahtzi, and card games) when I can handle the pain.
About Me I am a 41 well 42 year old Mom of 2 Beautiful children one 19 year son and one 10 well she will be 11 on Christmas Day, and I am hopefully going to be able to marry the man of my dreams. A man who has accepted me sick, without teeth for almost a year, and with children with special needs especially my little girl, who has a rare chromosome disorder. My Love has had 2 strokes yet he goes out of his way to help me out of bed, to help me get my clothes on, help get the kids ready, and help me through many losses and many many difficult times and watching the door be shut in my face and watch me fight for my children and for my own health and get no where.