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natalie rowe
Name natalie rowe
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Hobbies Taking care of my little girl. taking care of my animals. reading a variety of books. sewing quilts. and spending time with my family.
About Me I am a mother of beautiful little girl named Lilly. I am also going to marshall university to become a teacher. I am marrying my best friend and father of my child in july. we have a little family of our little girl, two dogs, two birds, two cats, and a turtle, and still growing. Me and Lilly watch ellen everyday!!
natalie rowe
An Hour with Justin Timberlake
432 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I would like to let you know I almost didn't see my daughter take her first steps because I was watching your show. She took her fist steps while watching you and Justin. I was watching your show and looked over at lilly and she was wanting me to pick her up and I didn't so she just took off walking. I was listening to something you was saying and looked back at lilly and she started walking. I just thought I would share that with you.