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Hobbies Boating, fishing, ice fishing, charcoal sketching
About Me I luv all animals, more than most people, except for children, elderly and my mama. Ellen i feel we hav such a similar heart, my mom and i are constantly ridiculed for our love of animals, we are put down and made to feel like outcasts. Thank you for your big heart, u make our bad days much brighter:) :) :) We love you!!!
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506 days ago

Ellen, when in Australia please dont forget to go to Steve Irwins Zoo, i would love to hear all about it. My mom and i cried for a month straight after he died, Steve would b mortified at the show Swamp people, its the complete antithesis of what he stood for. Be careful of the funnel web spider, if i could conquer my fear of them and great white sharks i will go there before i die,it my lifes dream. I use you and Steve as a reference to explain to people that i feel we hav the same passion for All animals. I lost some friends and family because i chose a sick elderly cat over a substantial amount of money, best decision i evr made.I really hope u make it to his Zoo, WE LOVE U SOOO MUCH! Natalie&Linda Be safe:)